REALTOR Virtual Assistant Services

REALTOR Virtual Assistant Services

Owner of Just4YouDesigns, Katie Keisler is a licensed real estate agent, and works as a “Virtual Assistant” to Realtors all over the country. Her experience includes managing a real estate office of over 60 agents, and now works assisting Realtors “Virtually” through email and web applications. While we specialize in real estate assistant work, we are also available to help in other business specialties as well. Just contact us today to get started.

What are the Benefits of a Virtual Assistant?

  • No overhead – we use our own equipment
  • No payroll taxes to fool with – we are independant contractors
  • No workers liability – we work through the internet!
  • Affordable hourly rate of only $30 per hour
  • We are certified and accredited with “Electronic Commerce” Certifications
  • Instant communication through email – Instant Task Completion
  • Graphic Design Background for your Advertising Needs

Just4YouDesigns is a preferred “Virtual Assistant” of Advanced Access clients – the #1 Real Estate Website provider in the country. Owner of Just4YouDesigns, Katie Keisler, is a licensed Realtor, and understand the “ins and outs” of the real estate industry and how to harness the power of the web to market your listings and YOU.

That is why, when looking for a website specialist to maintain your website, you should choose Just4YouDesigns. We combine our extensive knowledge of the real estate industry with our advanced understanding of internet marketing to be your all in one real estate web resource. We are your assistant on the web! This critical combination will ensure that your website is the best of the best and will have TOP rankings on the net!

The Real Estate Industry is fast paced, stressful, but very rewarding. Very few agents have the time to invest in creating their own website – and many don’t know how to. The fact of the matter is, as a Real Estate Agent, if you are not selling houses, you are not making money. Your website should be easy, fast, and affordable!

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